Immerse yourself in inspiration

Our Ready-To-Teach Sequences are your passport to inspired teaching. Elevate your classes effortlessly with sequences meticulously crafted to meet the needs of your classes.

From multi-level peak pose flows to themed Vin-Yin and dosha-balancing classes, you'll unleash the full spectrum of your teaching potential with ease, as our membership becomes your secret weapon for delivering captivating and purposeful yoga experiences.

Whether you're a seasoned instructor feeling the all-too-common burn out or a new teacher stressed over sequencing, our ready-to-teach sequences will open the door to a world of creativity, balance, and growth. Every sequence is a celebration of the boundless possibilities within you. 

What’s Included in the Bundle:

  • 12 Ready-To-Teach Yoga Sequences: Expertly designed sequences to suit a variety of class styles and student needs.
  • Video Walkthroughs: Step-by-step video guides to help you master and teach each sequence effectively.
  • 3 Dharma Talk Scripts: Inspire and motivate your students with meaningful and thought-provoking dharma talks.
  • 3 Meditation Scripts: Guide your students to deeper relaxation and mindfulness with our meditation scripts.
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Our Ready-To-Teach Sequences will help you...

  • Take the stress out of sequencing
  • Infuse your classes with an element of play and creativity while also teaching traditional Ashtanga-inspired asana
  • Offer accessible modifications using props
  • Keep your classes fresh and engaging
  • Lead well-rounded classes that cater to multi-level classes
  • Show up on your mat with confidence and a plan

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