Immerse yourself in the art of mindful planning with our purpose-designed Sequencing Agenda, guiding you to curate seamless and transformative yoga classes.


Elevate your teaching experience as you effortlessly brainstorm, organize, and build intentional sequences, ensuring a harmonious flow that resonates with your students. Our thoughtfully curated journal is not just a tool; it's an invitation to channel creativity and intentionality into every class. Unleash the power of purposeful planning and witness the magic unfold on the mat.



  • A durable front and back cover to keep your sequences safe for years to come
  • 80 pt (recycled!) paper to reduce bleed through
  • Tips for how to use the agenda to build your sequences
  • A sample sequence (that you can use for your next class!)
  • 60 days' worth of blank brainstorm and sequence-building pages

Elevate your classes by having your Sequencing Agenda alongside you, allowing you to connect deeply, inspire effortlessly, and guide with unwavering authenticity. Step into each class with confidence – your wisdom, your notes, your impact. Because teaching is an art, and you are the artist.


Tips for how to structure your class to make sequencing a breeze

A sample sequence for you to use as written or draw inspiration from

A little bit of motivation - because we all need it from time to time

60 days of pages for brainstorming and building your sequences

Feeling embarrassed of using your notes is a thing of the past...

Whether it's sequencing details, anatomical cues, or philosophical insights, your notes are a valuable tool to enhance your teaching prowess. Embrace the wisdom you've curated, allowing it to flow effortlessly into your classes, creating a space where both you and your students can thrive on the mat. With each session, let your notes be a guide, helping you share the transformative power of yoga with assurance and authenticity.